The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 9

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  • For the second consecutive week, our climatic conditions have been favorable
    • Mostly dry days, a few scattered drizzles accumulated 7.1 mm (o.28 inches of rainfall
    • The average minimum  temperature declined slightly to 21,2°C (70,2°F
    • For a couple of nights the thermometer registered just above 20 Celsius (68°F).
    • The average air temperature remained stable at 26,2°C (79,1 °F)
    • Soil temperature declined a bit to  26,2°C (79,1°F).
    • Solar radiation was moderate  and relative humidity continued its decline to 80,9 %. 
  • We continue  to perform on a timely basis all agricultural practices
  • Harvest age increased with 47.2% harvested at 21 WAF adjusting in accordance to climatic conditions
  • Average sugar content slightly below prior weeks but acceptable at 14.1 brix and low STDV of measurements
  • Noticeable improvement in external color
  • Corona virus infection rate continues downward trend; only 2,385 cases reported
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