Charming Pineapple and Dried Citrus Christmas Ornaments

Pineapple and Dried Citrus ornaments hanging from a Christmas tree.
Unsplash picture courtesy of Annie Spratt 

 Season to Spread New Traditions 

The holiday season is finally upon us as we celebrate the year’s final month before welcoming 2024! What better way to brighten up the colder days and low moods like  having a festive pineapple-themed decoration party? 

You and your family can bring the tropical paradise fruit into your household this holiday season with a fun ornament scheme to create a unique holiday tradition. 

December brings the spirit of joyfulness, as do pineapples and dried citrus fruits, with welcoming, vibrant colors to brighten everyone’s faces and Christmas spirits. You can hang them on your tree or create unexpected furniture decor

Significance of Pineapples and Dried Citrus

Pineapple and Dried Citrus fruits crafted as a reef.
Unsplash picture courtesy of Jez Timms

Pineapples are not only healthy fruits or a variety of delicious, infused recipes; they are a historic symbol of hospitality in many cultures, the pineapple is considered a symbol of welcome, and good luck. In Europe, this exotic fruit leads to good fortune when inviting a person into your home. Indeed, this would bring conversations and new beginnings with family or friends. 

Other cultures like Native-Americans and Asian have dried citrus fruits as symbols of good luck and abundance dating back centuries. Their vibrant colors and refreshing taste made them a symbol that would cast away anything negative. 

This Christmas, let us embrace the abundance of the power of the pineapple and citrus fruits as their welcomeness creates an atmosphere of good fortune, traditional hospitality, and vibrant, youthful colors to shine a light into your home this season.  

How To Make Dried Citrus and Pineapple Ornaments for Christmas 

Pineapple and Citrus ready to be crafted into ornaments.
Unsplash picture courtesy of Annie Spratt 

Make this season the greatest by creating enchanting pineapple and dried citrus ornaments with a few easy steps for unique festivities and the joyful, fresh scent flowing into your home.


Chestnut Hill Farms Perfect Pineapples




Wide Blade Knife 

Baking sheets 

Parchment paper 

Colorful Ornaments hangers


  1. Slice the citrus fruits into ¼ slices and remember to remove theseeds. Use your widest blade in order to uniform each individual slice. Note: the number of ornaments is your choice.
  1. Place all of the fruits onto a baking sheet lined with the parchment paper. Ensure that none of the fruits are touching then place inside of the oven for about 150 F. 
  1. Bake for 3 to 4 ½ hours, each hour check and flip the fruits on the opposite side to ensure the slices dry evenly..
  1. Allow the fruit to cool down and sit for up to 24 hours for stiffness. Next pierce the dried fruit slices with the ornament hangers and begin decorating your home or Christmas tree!

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