The Perfect Pineapple Report 2020: Week 17

Click here to read this week’s farm report.

  • Scattered showers during the week kept rain totals light –  only 18.9 mm (0.75 inches) were accumulated.
  • It continues to get a tad warmer – the minimum temperature reached 23,8 °C (74,8°F) and the average increased to 27,5°C (81,5 °F).
  • Fruit continues to be harvested at higher age with just under 90% at 21 WAF and balance at 22 WAF.
  • Quality continues to be outstanding.
  • Pineapple volume is outstripping demand as shopping habits have been affected with the progression of the Coronavirus.
  • We are working with customer/partners to spur demand with a campaign geared to demonstrate that pineapples are a tropical fruit that is rich in vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants. It may help boost the immune system.

Stay safe and be well.

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