The Perfect Pineapple Report 2020: Week 25

Click here to read this week’s farm report.

  • Just a few and very light drizzles during the week brought
    • 8.1 mm (1/3rd of an inch) of rainfall
    • Minimum and average temperatures pretty stable
    • Soil temperature did decline slightly due overcast days
  • We have entered the peak NDF harvest and natural fruit made @ 39% of total volume
  • External color is our main quality challenge as the  degreening process is halted during NDF harvest
  • We are grateful for the support from customers to promote allowing for orderly marketing of peak harvest
  • As Costa Rica begins to open up, officials  are reporting an increase in Coronavirus cases
  • We continue to operate under even stricter protocols to keep us all safe
  • We invite you to join us, starting today, at the United Fresh Live virtual expo hall to find out what is going on at the farms,  how we can grow  the category’s sales and profitability as well as learn about our new offering of organic and Fairtrade bananas from the Dominican Republic  into the East coast of the United States.
  • Some 30 years ago we ran the below ad in The Packer. Since then  the way we do business hasn’t changed, but since we can’t do lunch  we invite you to register and join us at United Fresh Live. It’s the new virtual way!

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