The Perfect Pineapple Report 2020: Week 51

Click here to read this week’s farm report.

  • Rainy, overcast days and a drop in both air and soil temperatures
    • Precipitation recorded = 99.5 mm ( 4 inches)
    • Average air temperature was 25.3ºC (77.5ºF)
    • Minimum air temperature reached 21.8ºC (71.3ºF)
    • Soil temperature down to 26.8ºC (80.2ºF)
  • Slight increase in harvest age with almost 39% harvested at 21 WAF, balance at 20 WAF
  • Field sampling intensified to adjust to changing climatic conditions
  • Quality remains stable but for a slight decrease in external color
  • Large sizes are in good quantity to meet Holiday demand
  • New Corona virus cases in the country up by 5%
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