The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 30

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  • The second week in a row with limited precipitation (but overcast days)
    • 22.5 mm (barely one inch) of precipitation recorded
    • Minimum air temperature was 23,4°C (74°F);  the average  26,2°C (79,1°F).
  • Continue to make adjustments to lower harvest age
    • 63.5% harvest at 21 WAF
    • The balance picked with 22 WAF
  • Regardless of lower harvest age, sugar content continues high
    • 45% with brix higher than 15.5º
  • Pulp firmness is lower than our goal with 28% ≤ 2.7 psi
  • All good husbandry practices on schedule
  • New Covid cases continue a gradual decline as vaccination program intensifies
    • 70% of our employees at both farms have received at least one dose
  • Severe weather on the west coast of Costa Rica preventing vessels from entering the Port of Caldera disrupting schedules to Pacific Coast ports in North America
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