The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 31

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  •  Relentless rainfall in the Caribbean region caused flooding and infrastructure damage in northern and eastern Costa Rica. Fortunately our farms were spared significant damage.
    • In Caribe and Nazareth the total accumulated  precipitation was  170 and 136 mm ( 6,7  and  5,4 inches) respectively
    • In  San Francisco and Santa Clara the accumulated precipitation was- 286 and more than 400 mm ( 11,3 and  16 inches) of rainfall, respectively.
    • Parismina recorded 229 mm (9 inches) of rainfall.
  • Air and soil temperatures remained mostly unchanged.
    • Solar radiation was low with most days overcast.
    • Relative humidity increased to 91,9 %. 
  • Harvest  age continues to be adjusted
    • 73.5% was harvested at 21 WAF
    • The rest was collected at 22 WAF (26.5%)
    • NDF volume made up 5 % of our total.
  • External color as well as pulp firmness are our present challenge
  • Covid cases continue its decline as more vaccines become available
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