The Perfect Pineapple Report 2022: Week 4

Click here to read this week’s farm report.

It is very unusual to be reporting these levels of precipitation but temperatures are definitely usual!

  • A few light drizzles accumulating 12 mm – about half an inch of rainfall.
  • Air and soil temperatures dropped and we had  several nighttime lows below 20 Celsius (68°F)
    • The average minimum air temperature was 20,1°C (68,1°F)
    • The average was 25°C (77,1°F).
    • Soil temperature declined slightly to 25,6°C (78°F).
  • Continue to increase harvest age –
  • Fruit harvested at 20 WAF made up 87.9%; at 21 WAF 9.6% and only 2.5%  at 19 WAF
  • Average sugar content declined slightly
  • Improved external color – zero color declined to 17,6%; high color fruit (greater than 2,5) rose to 6,1 %
  • Covid 19 infections increase – 28.097 new cases reported –  83,8% increase from the previous week
  • Almost 100% of our workforce fully vaccinated.
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