Soft as Pineapple? Yes!

Here on the Corner we’ve spoken plenty of times about the benefits of adding pineapple to your daily diet. Mixing it in a smoothie, letting it soak in your water bottle or simply just chowing down on some juicy chunks are all great ways to take in its magical, medicinal powers. But, what if you wanted to take on a slightly different approach to healthy pineapple recipes?  Adding a softer touch to our regular health series, we’re doing just that – featuring reasons why pineapple directly on the skin might just be the next beauty craze.

Applying freshly prepared pineapple juice or crushed pineapple wedges on the face can work wonders as a natural exfoliating agent, eliminating dead skin and accentuating blood flow. The fruit gives the collagen synthesis in your body a boost and the higher the collagen synthesis is, the firmer and flexible your skin will be, safeguarding your skin from looking dull.

As we’ve mentioned before, pineapple is also loaded with Vitamin C. Coupled with bromelain, together these anti-inflammatory vitamin and enzyme found in this fruit can internally, as well as externally, be used as a cure for acne and other inflammatory skin condition. The presence of these amino acids, ensure that the damaged cells and tissues are repaired quickly.

You can also mix about 3 tablespoon of freshly crushed pineapples with an egg yolk and a little milk to give your skin an ultimate hydration effect. Apply it topically on the dry skin and leave it for few minutes. Wash off with tepid water for moisturized, radiant skin.


Dr. Lloyd

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