The Perfect Pineapple Report 2021: Week 28

Click here to read this week’s farm report.

  • Very unstable climatic conditions continue – the much anticipated tropical “Indian Summer” is delayed:
    • Days with abundant precipitation accumulated 94 mm (3.75 inches) of rainfall
    • Both minimum and average temperatures air rose
    • Humidity rose to 84.9%
    • Solar radiation was low
  • Harvest strategy is holding very much like prior week – most fruit harvested between 21 and 22 WAF (52% and 47%, respectively.
    • The expectation is to continue gradual harvest age reduction with most harvested at 21 WAF.
  • NDF harvest made up only 8% of the total and we are overcoming the quality issues we encountered the previous weeks
  • External color also improved with only 19.3% with color zero
  • Covid infection rate has seemingly plateaued out  at around 10,000 new cases per week; there is a shortage of vaccines and the program has slowed down.
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