The Perfect Pineapple Report 2023: Week 28

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  • Some light to moderate intensity drizzles dominated most of the week, managing to accumulate 47.8mm – about 2 inches of rainfall. No rain was reported over the weekend.
  • Both air and soil temperatures remained stable
    • The average minimum temperature reached 23.3 Celsius degrees (74°F)
    • The average air temperature was 27.6°C (81.6°F)
    • The soil temperature declined reaching 27.9°C (82.3°F)
    • Solar radiation ranged from moderate to low with minimal risk of sunburn and “corky fruit”.
    • The relative humidity increased slightly to 83.8%.
  • Large (4,5,6 count) fruit rose to 55.2%
  • Large 5 counts increased to 28.8% of our harvest.
  • Most of the fruit continued to be harvested at 21 WAF (79.5%).
  • Crownless fruit volume remains very stable at 11.3% of our harvest.
  • Sugar content: on average, the external color of the fruit decreased slightly. However, the percentage of fruit with a brix between 13.5 and 15.5 remained quite high (75% of the sample). Variation in Brix readings remained below 1 on all farms, guaranteeing very low variability between sampled fruits.
  • Only 2% of the sample fruit reached psi less than 2.7
    • The minimum was 2.8 psi
    • The average reached 3.6 psi
    • The maximum was 4.5 psi
  • This week had the greatest amount of rainfall which made soil preparation work difficult. However, the rest of the good husbandry practices continued normally and according to the program. On average, the fruit harvested during the week was slightly younger than the previous week. This condition reduces the risk of quality problems at the destination due to a significant amount of naturally differentiated fruit (NDF) that was still harvested this week – 15% of the total. Statistical data from the farms indicates that around 80% of the naturally differentiated fruit (NDF) identified with colored ribbons has already been harvested. The quality of the fruit continues to be reported at a fairly good level. No quality problems should be expected at the destination.
  • Reminder: We expect to see a slight decrease in larger fruit and more medium-sized fruit in the coming weeks as we slowly come off-peak volume production.
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