Back to School Crafting Fun!

Easy Pineapple Mason Jar Craft for Kids

Welcome the new year with some back to school crafting fun to get the kids creating! In just a few steps, you can transform a plain mason jar into the perfect pineapple masterpiece. You’ll need just a few supplies: tape, green construction paper, scissors, permanent marker and a mason jar.

To create this perfect pineapple artwork, first dice your pineapple into bite-sized cubes. Need some help slicing up your fruit? Check out your guide on how to break down a fresh pineapple in four easy steps here. Next, decorate your mason jar using a permanent marker so that the jar appears to have a spikey skin just like your perfect pineapple. Use your green construction paper to cut “leaves” for the crown of your pineapple mason jar. Use tape to attach these “leaves” to the mouth of the mason jar, creating the appearance of a pineapple top. Finally, add your fresh diced pineapple to the jar and enjoy.

Not only is this back to school crafting project a way to get kids using their imagination this year, it serves as a healthy snack! Pineapples are packed with bromelain and Vitamin C. This high source of Vitamin C will help the immune system to fight off colds and sickness, while bromelain kicks in as an anti-inflammatory. This enzyme is also extremely beneficial at fighting infections and eliminating bacteria. This combination is a powerhouse to ward off illness, perfect for kids starting a new school year being exposed to new germs. You have now created a functional, delicious masterpiece!

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