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Grilled Memorial Day Pineapple Treats

Fire Up the Grill this Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is the official welcome party to the summer season. Whether you celebrate the long weekend with BBQs, pool parties or beach days, it’s the perfect time to officially welcome sweet summer days. These Memorial Day pineapple treats are easy to grill up and perfectly capture the spirit of summer.


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The Ultimate Easter Recipes Round-Up

Happy Easter from Chestnut Hill Farms

Spring is in the air and we are buzzing with excitement for a certain bright and sunny holiday- Easter! You may associate Easter with egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, but at Chestnut Hill Farms we love to bring our favorite prickly fruit to the party! Versatile and sweet, pineapple pairs wonderfully with many classic Easter recipes and brings a fresh twist to the table.


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Brighten Your Plate for National Nutrition Month 2019

Enjoy Every Bite of National Nutrition Month

National Nutrition Month Fruit Pineapple

As the Earth blooms into spring, March brings an opportunity for transformation into our lives with National Nutrition Month. Sponsored by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, National Nutrition Month highlights the importance of making informed food decisions and developing beneficial eating habits in our day-to-day.

From lack of time to staying on budget, there are plenty of reasons we eat the way we do. In fact, 82% of Americans do not want to give up foods they like in order to eat healthier. However, incorporating a few smart swaps into meal prep can actually bring an abundance of flavor and nutrition to your food habits.


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5 Amazing Pineapple Health Facts for Year-long Benefits

Pineapples are not only delicious, but also have a plethora of health benefits. Check out the video below for 5 pineapple health facts you may not be as familiar with. (i.e., did you know pineapple can reduce eye fatigue? Rest your eyes on that!)


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Vitamin C: Pineapples Say A Mouthful

It’s pretty well known that Vitamin C is an essential nutrient. Some might even argue that Vitamin C is the “power-house vitamin.” Doing everything from serving as an antioxidant that protects the body from free radical damage to boosting the immune system, Vitamin C is vital in building human tissue and repairing it.

Pineapples are a great source of Vitamin C! Due to their high Vitamin C content, pineapples can positively assist a plethora of bodily functions. (Here’s some to name a few).

In today’s post, we wanted to focus specifically on how pineapple consumption can benefit oral health. That’s right. Your tongue knows what’s good for it!

Aside from its delicious taste, this lip-smacking fruit’s Vitamin C contribution can even reduce your risk of gingivitis and periodontal disease. Vitamin C also increases the body’s ability to fight invading bacteria that contribute to such oral diseases, especially gum disease.

Does it replace going to the dentist? You wish. Of course not! But with a toothbrush, floss and –surprisingly– a few slices of pineapple a day, your mouth will be thanking you!

Dr. Lloyd Berg  

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